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    Model No. CFT00004B

    Automatic Watch

    Able to stand up to the challenge of an elegant dining experience, yet casual enough for jeans, Orient Watch USA's CFT00004B is the ultimate everyday timepiece. Orient's automatic watches are known for their superior quality and style; this wristwatch is no exception. Its black dial blends with the inner bezel and is highlighted by the contrasting stainless steel bracelet. Not to mention, the watch uses Sapphire Crystal.
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    'I'm so satisfied and smitten with this watch' Review by Nick on 6/16/12
    I've had this watch for about three months now. I am so happy that I have purchased it, it went above and beyond my expectations for quality, aesthetics, and functionality.

    I was a little apprehensive about buying a watch online, and buying something without seeing it. I can't speak for all the other watches, but, if the one I purchased is any indication of quality, I'm sure they will be of equal quality.

    Apart from feeling satisfied with the watch, I've noticed that others also seem to take to it.

    Best money I've spent in awhile.
    'Excellent Choice' Review by David on 1/15/12
    Just got this the other day. I had been sitting on the fence about this brand and in particular this watch. I have a major problem. I am a self admitted watch freak but stuck with a struggling college dude type of budget. So I get maybe one decent watch a year. I was looking at this for a long time and loved the look of it but just couldn't commit to an unknown. I live in a small city with no examples to personally see and try on. So looking at these pictures was as good as I could get.

    Xmas rolls around, get a surprise couple hundred from a relative, added it to my existing watch fund and it was time to get serious. I stared at this watch for over an hr before I finally took the plunge. Got it in the mail very quickly and upon opening it I was sold. I have since owned it about a week and my overall impression? I absolutely love this watch. Probably the best investment I have made in a very long time.

    The looks are outstanding, the feel and balance of it can't be beat and it is still new enough here in the States that it stands out in the sea of Rolexes, Tissots, Movados, etc...

    Here's the quick list:
    -Extremely good looking

    -Well made and all done in house for those who care(I do)

    -Accuracy is top notch, Mine holds to about +4 secs a day

    -Band is quiet(amazing how many aren't out there), well constructed and solid weight to it.

    -I get random compliments from strangers admiring/asking about it. I have had great delight explaining everything about it.

    -Did I mention it looks freaking amazing??

    -And last but not least, the price. For what you pay you are getting a handcrafted fine piece of machinery. I would happily pay several times what I got it for and honestly Orient probably could....and still sell a lot of them. It is that great of a timepiece.

    And now the con. Of which I only really have one thing to say and it is rather trivial but after wracking my brain I had to think of something so here it is:

    -I had to remove several links on it as I have a small wrist. However when you remove 3+ links from the band, the curvature of it as you are wearing it makes it so the edge of the clasp will protrude out a little bit. Again this is a trivial 'problem' to have but I have snagged the edge of it a couple of times on blankets, shirts, etc...

    Aside from that, it is worth every penny and then a whole more pennies on top of that. Don't think, just buy. I did and I have zero regrets. Wait...just one. That I didn't buy this sooner.
    'Love the watch' Review by Newton on 5/19/11
    Really Love the watch. The semi-skeleton front face is a little terminator esque and looks absolutely brilliant. For the price it is an absolute steal.
    'Nice watch' Review by Gary on 5/19/11
    Nice watch, very good looking, however the crowns feel a little bit fragile, however very nice looking watch, love the sapphire back
    'Orient Men's Power Reserve Semi-Skeleton Black Automatic Watch #CFT00004B' Review by Thom on 5/19/11
    This is a solid watch, Ive had mine for well over a month now and Im very satisfied with my purchase. Everything about it is just about perfect. Its very well constructed and has some weight to it as well, which in my opinion is a testament to the quality of this particular watch. The watch seems to be very accurate for an automatic, gaining or loosing only a few seconds (<5) per day. As far as design goes it looks good and succesfully pulls off a balance between sport and dress. Despite the semi skeleton design its not hard at all to tell time and there is just enough of the watch's guts to keep the watch face interesting to look at while at the same time having just enough covered so that you have a functional face. When you flip the watch over you get treated to an exhibition window which shows of the nicely finished movement and signed and decorated movement. The Crowns are skrew down, very solid and signed as well. The bracelet is very sturdy and the individual links are a nice touch which makes this bracelet very comfortable. The clasp is secured by both a friction and button mechanism and is also signedsssss. In other words you really have to want to take off this watch in order to do so, no danger of it accidentaly opening and you loosing your nice watch. As for the slide rule I have yet to use it (yes I learned how to use it;)but im still itching for an oportunity to make it useful lol..
    The only complaints I have about this watch is that, One it has a non-hacking movement, meaning you cant set the second hand. It starts automaticly once the watch is wound. Two If they could have somehow included a date wheel in there and kept the design as close to what it is now this would have been the perfect watch.

    To the guys at ORIENT did an outstanding job with this one.
    'Such a great looking watch!' Review by Joe on 5/19/11
    I really love this watch. It is reasonably accurate for a mechanical watch (I would guess it gains about 6 seconds per day). I like the sporty, but dressy looks, the automatic winding function, and the power reserve indicator.

    The semi-skeleton face is very nice too. I catch myself staring at the oscillations of the balance wheel, and marvel at the engineering that goes into a watch like this.

    I am very impressed by the Orient brand. I hadn't heard about them until I started searching for a mechanical watch. I also like the fact that Orient makes all their movements in house rather than using cheap Chinese-made movements.

    Edit: I have to disagree with the other review stating that the crowns seem fragile. They are both screw-down crowns, and they feel solid as a rock when they are properly screwed down.
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