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    Model No. FER24005W0

    Automatic Watch

    The Orient Bambino is a true reflection of the heritage and experience of the watch crafters at Orient Watch. Orient's hallmark, throughout 60 years of continuous watch making, is mechanical watch making and most well known for their classic styling. The Bambino embodies those tradtions in every detail. The dauphine hands and classic index markers stand out. The domed crystal and dial add to the retro look of this watch.
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    'Oh my Bambino' Review by John Thornton on 6/23/14
    Such quality for such value. The Bambino reminds me of the watches I wore when young. Great classic style that I love to wear. Very good accuracy which I check with the atomic clock.
    'Classic look with a modern touch (FER24005W0)' Review by Bill Fridley on 4/23/14
    I searched the internet for quite awhile before deciding on the Orient Bambino. I wanted a classic-looking watch, but most of the vintage watches are small by modern standards. The Bambino is just the right size and is simple, stylish and dependable. The brown leather band is beautiful, although it may not be long enough for someone with a large wrist. Highly recommended!
    I have a Bambino FER 24005WO, beside my blue beast M-FORCE 200 meters and of course it is for my serious cloths and daily watch. With catch eye domed crystal and dial is looking as very traditional and high class watch. More friends are asking about the brand and when they are hearing that it is an Orient surprised more. I think some of them they bought one after than me..Classic but elegant, traditional but in a contemporare design yet. Absolutely very nice piece...
    'Spot on!' Review by Eddie Adlil on 11/17/13
    I just took delivery of Patek Philippe Nautilus white face, and I just bought this Orient Bambino stainless white face. That tell you something. Only wished the size would have been 39mm.
    'first new watch i ever bought' Review by dave on 10/5/13
    all my other watches are vintage,took the plunge and bought the white dial/stainless version.couldnt be happier,keeps time to 5 seconds daily,so stylish,gets great comments when im out wearing it.real quality look and feel,love it
    'True vintage' Review by mike55 on 5/7/13
    This is such a beautiful looking watch.
    I just wish you could 'also' make a slightly smaller, more discreet, true vintage style 36-38 version as well. Love the style so much that I'd definitely buy one in each colour if you did.
    'Great what' Review by Grant Gardner on 4/29/13
    I've been wearing this watch for over a year (on and off) keeps good time and very comfortable to wear, a very good weight (as in not too heavy) but still has a feel of quality. Unfortunately scratched the 'crystal' so you need to be a little careful, but as it was scratched when off my wrist at home whilst I wasn't there!! I don't know what it was put through, upsetting none the less. Great watch great price very stylish, good manly size for a dress watch. Get one you won't regret it. Had mine brought from the US to the UK via my brother (lives in the US) - worth the effort.
    'Just plan Beautiful....' Review by Jackson on 4/12/13
    I received this watch yesterday and it was such a beauty.. It look great, felt great and I'm glad I got it!!! I did have a problem with another watch but that's being worked out... But for this watch, I have to give it a 5!!!!
    'Incredibly beautiful!' Review by AGiordano on 4/3/13
    I've been wanting a classic, beautiful, sophisticated and understated watch for a while. The Bambino fits this beautifully! Workmanship, fit and finish on this rivals the best Swiss watches. I have the stainless version and it is gorgeous. The white face has a subtle sun ray dial finish. It looks vintage with a modern size and movement. Perfect watch and keeps time as good as my swiss pieces.
    'good and accuracy' Review by jackywong on 3/13/13
    I get this watch today, and this is my first automatic orient watch, and i always collect the leather automatic watch, i have four ingersoll watch, but non of them can compare with this orient watch, cause the orient time was very accuracy ! Nice japan watch!
    'Fantastic!!' Review by ChiRon8 on 2/10/13
    I LOVE THIS WATCH! It is beautiful, keeps great time, and has that classy, vintage look without being tacky.
    'Great, but too big for my taste' Review by John on 1/23/13
    Great watch, fantastic value. LOVE the domed crystal, markers and hands.

    However, I really wish it were 36-38mm instead of 40.5mm. I feel it's too large for this vintage style.

    Maybe Orient could introduce a smaller version, maybe without date? This would be totally awesome.

    Very accurate, both of mine are under +8 secs a day.

    'Very nice watch for the price' Review by Charlie R on 1/15/13
    I have been wearing mine for the last few days and it looks good and keeps good time too. I recommend this watch to anyone looking for a classy looking watch, but does not have a lot of money.
    'Great Dress Watch' Review by Scott on 12/7/12
    I bought the rose gold with white face, and just now ordered the stainless with white face. All my high end watches will be laying in the watch box because these are the ones that are going to occupy my wrist for quite some time. Excellent watch for the money.
    'A Nice Entry Watch' Review by Vincent S on 12/7/12
    I own a few Orient watches. This one is very nice. I like the domed crystal and the silver hands on the black dial. Not sure why this one is priced much higher than Symphony or Esteem watches listed here. Finish is OK, the case is nice, the emblem on the crown is a nice touch. Crystal caseback would have been nice at this price point. 21mm lugs really limits a watch collector's ability to customize. Not a bad watch at all, but if you're comparing to a $1,000+ watch at least handle one before you draw conclusions.
    'Beautiful dress watch' Review by Larry on 11/15/12
    I want to start by sayingI really wanted lst years anniversary edition made very simular but with a hacking movement. I waited too long so end of story.
    Finally the Bambino! I find it to be an excellent dress watch. This one does not have a dress down jeans kind of watch in it's DNA. The Bambino is a classic dress watch with a beautiful pearl colored dial, thin profile and it plays much bigger due to the thin bexel design. When I think of Swiss competitors designs I see 1200-1500.00 price tags. Orient makes a fine quality watch at an affordable price I should know as I own 5 purchased over the last 6 years and they are all flawless.
    'a little small for me but I dig it' Review by Joe B on 11/6/12
    got this from my sis, but it's a little small, so I'm giving it to my step dad. I think he'll like it, but if he don't, I'll wear it.
    'Beautiful, perfectly proportioned' Review by michaelashmore on 10/16/12
    My Bambino arrived today and it's beautiful. Perfectly proportioned and balanced, it feels great on my wrist. Without a doubt it's the most comfortable watch I own. There is simply no better watch value than Orient. Thanks Mark, for some of the best watches around. Can't wait to order the black-dial version.
    'Very stylish, elegant and classy look in affordable price' Review by buc3t on 10/10/12
    Very stylish, elegant and classy look in affordable price. Just bought it today. I am very excited and feel very good with it. I have search for many brand and do the research out of it. In my opinion this watch just bit all others type of watch in its range. And for me , it look similiar to Seiko SARB065 but the price of that watch will cost you almost 4x of Bambino. I highly recommend this watch. Buy it when it is still in stock.
    'Orient tradition well repesented' Review by John Brooks on 8/3/12
    Well this is my first Orient watch and it won't be my last. At this price point, the Bambino is a bargain. As has been mentioned, the overall design is classic. A nice size for me, very comfortable on the wrist with the leather band. The movement, the heart of the wartch is really unbelievable. That second hand just seems to glide over the face and has been probably five seconds fast per day, not too bad for under $200, hey?
    'Great Looking Watch' Review by jefred@hotmail.com on 5/11/12
    I'm not really adding anything because I did not purchase the watch but they make a watch that is the same at the 60th anniversary watch except it doesn't say 60th anniversary on the watch. It winds from the crown and is hackable (second hand stops) This is the model:

    Orient Star Classic WZ0261EL
    'Childish Bambino' Review by Andrew Nakamura on 4/12/12
    I love the design. Brings out the kid in me when I first saw it. I was extremely excited to buy it. It met my expectations.
    'Satisfied customer' Review by Larry Greenberg on 4/12/12
    The clean and classy look is what got me to purchase this watch without any hesitation. It has been treating me well as it provides me with accurate time. I couldn't be more satisfied.
    'The Great Bambino' Review by Chris Reed on 4/12/12
    Oh I know you've all heard of it. The Great Bambino. Best of the best. The ultimate legend is now on my wrist. I will love this watch for-e-ver, for-e-ver, for-e-verrrr
    'comparable to a fancy swiss watch' Review by Allen McKinnon on 4/12/12
    My Orient Bambino has either has the same movement as my Tag Heuer Grand Carrera or Orient just improved their movement because I don't see much of a difference between the two. It's very comparable to a swiss movement.
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