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    Model No. FEM65006DW

    Automatic Watch

    Since the mid-2000s, the Orient Mako has been the most popular Orient series to date. With so many diver watches available, it could be said with confidence that the Mako is one of the top affordable mechanical diver watches on the market today. On forums and blogs alike, the Orient Mako is an absolute classic and can be attributed to being the watch that started it all for collectors and enthusiasts (and Watch Idiot Savants for that matter) around the globe. The Mako could be considered Orient’s quintessential diver watch. It’s popularity is undeniable (try to count how many “Mako vs ____” threads there are on Watchuseek and Reddit), but what makes it so great, besides the price? Could it be the 200 meter water resistance? How about the day and date function? And the sleek stainless steel unidirectional bezel? The Orient Mako is offered in many stunning dial colors, from a handsome black, to a stunning blue and a sporty orange. But we feel that what really helps define the Orient Mako is the robust in house movement. The caliber 46943 has been one of Orient’s longest manufactured movements, with over 100 million manufactured to date. That’s seriously a lucrative amount, but rightfully so: the 469 movement has been a reliable movement for over 40 years. **Appropriate for Skin Diving Only!
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    'Fantastic Automatic Diver' Review by BKR on 10/24/13
    I wanted a high quality, automatic diver without a huge price tag. That is exactly what I got with the Orient Mako. This watch has gotten more compliments and outlasted any other watch I've owned. It has a high-quality, heavy feel - feels great on the wrist.

    The only improvement I would like to see is solid end links on the band, but the rest of the band is completely solid.

    This watch could easily come with a much larger price tag, and it would still be worth it.
    'My new favorite diver!' Review by William Voelkel on 5/5/13
    Not going to lie...for the price of this watch...it's the best value you can put on your wrist hands down!! This watch looks and runs as accurate as watches that sell for 20 times its cost! I received multiple compliments the day I put it on!! There is a little rattling in the fold over clasp. But other than that...I'm a new Orient fan for life! The Ray is the next on my list!
    'I love this watch' Review by Russ on 4/12/13
    I also put in many hours of methodical research before pulling the trigger on this watch. The research paid off because this is a fantastic watch.

    A few key points:
    -Sturdy, hefty weight - great feel on the wrist.
    -Solid bracelet links (not hollow)
    -Fantastic automatic movement for such a low price point.

    I've paid 3 times as much for watches that didn't come close to this one. If you're on the fence, buy it - you won't be disappointed.
    'Stunner' Review by Eric on 2/17/12
    This watch feels much more expensive than it sells for. I have the red/blue (Pepsi) Mako as well as another Orient. Each have a quality, weight, and comfort which make them very good buys.
    'Very Impressed ' Review by Jack P on 7/29/11
    I needed a 2nd watch for work and play and really looked around until I noticed Orient on Youtube. I got it in the mail today and when I took it out of the box I could tell right away the quality was really good.
    'Quality at a great price' Review by ARTHUR on 5/19/11
    It was love at first sight
    Many hours of methodical research went in to choosing this.
    A watch that needs you, is a concept that fascinates me.
    At a price that is just right.I highly recommend this product.

    After one year:
    It really does need you, if you dont wear it for more than a day,it stops.
    'AMAZING WATCH' Review by HUGH on 5/19/11
    All I can say is that the quality of this watch is 3 or 4 times the price its worth, and for having a few seiko divers myself this watch holds its own and the lum on the watch is bright. It is a great purchase to add to your collection no matter if your a highend watch collector you will appreciate the craftmanship of this watch I guarantee!
    'Very good value put together in a quality fashion' Review by KELLY on 5/19/11
    The watch keeps excellent time -- deserve a more prominant spot in peoples minds when they think of an automatic quality timepiece seems to be off about 4-5 seconds a day.
    I have no complaints
    'UNBEATABLE value' Review by LONNIE on 5/19/11
    There is one word to describe the value of this watch: WOW. I recently purchased the Orient Men's Blue and Red Bezel Automatic Dive Watch for a good friend--he was awestruck by the gift. A watch of this caliber would typically cost much more than Orient's discounted price found on Amazon.

    Before making my purchase, I did lots of research on watches with comparable design and features. Although I found other automatics, they were far beyond the price-range that I could afford and did not present any more or better features than this gorgeous watch.

    The thing I love most about this watch is that all of its movements were made IN-HOUSE. The craftsmanship, thoughtfulness, and skill put into this timepiece are highly evident when it is examined in-person. Any watch-lover or collector will truly appreciate this watch!
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