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    Model No. TT0Z001B

    Quartz Watch

    ORIENT x STI 2011 Limited Edition is the first model in the series to adopt the quartz movement. Equipped with a chronograph feature, it produces a detailed representation of the image of motorsports where every hundredth of a second counts. It also has practical race utility, as it actually measures lap times in increments of 1/20 second. In addition, the ORIENT x STI 2011 Limited Edition incorporates many of the features of the SUBARU WRX STI, the basis of the vehicle that competed in the race. The 1/20 second hand at the 12 o'clock position is inspired by the wheel or the turbo turbine in the actual car. When measuring the lap time, this disk hand rotates to gauge the time. In addition, the design of the indicator at the 6 o'clock position imitates the look of the meter of the vehicle. Gunmetal-grey plating as seen in the body and the wheel is added to the case. The watch is thus finished with painstaking attention to detail.
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    'Happy :)' Review by Dionei Vieira on 4/30/12
    O love this watch, a have a orient from 1997 and it works like a charm, I got it in Brazil.
    My STI is beautiful, works very well, nice details.
    Best of all the people who works for this brand delivery what they promise.
    I will be back, I have 4 orients so far, I want more.
    'happy wrist' Review by Wes Mayberry on 4/12/12
    Sporty, accurate, affordable watch makes my wrist happy and warm.
    'beauty' Review by Jack Beph on 3/29/12
    Beautiful watch! Its got a pretty cool wheel that spins forever and I can't stop playing with it. When does the automatic version come out? I hate that you guys have the STI line 'cus I have to buy the watch since its made to match my car.
    'My first Orient!' Review by Paul Kowalski on 3/23/12
    This is my first Orient and I really like this watch. I'm not a racer nor do I drive an STI but this watch is my favorite. I like the design and the colors and I have no problems with the watch so far, but I'm not too worried since I still have the warranty. I'd give 6 stars if that was possible.
    'superb quality' Review by Derick Livingston on 3/23/12
    I'm so used to wearing my automatics I forgot how much lighter and smaller the case of the watch is. This watch is awesome in every aspect, superb finishings, superb quality feel, and at 42mm the size look awesome in the wrist.
    '100% satisfied' Review by Adrien Blevins on 3/23/12
    This is my first product from Orient and I was apprehensive to purchase it not only because of no previous experience with the brand but also buying from an unauthorized dealer, but I decided to give it a chance and buy direct from Orientwatchusa.com.

    After one week of owning the watch I can hardly think of a negative comment about the STi 2011. I am 100% satisfied with the purchase
    'excellent watch for the price you pay' Review by Alex De Luca on 3/23/12
    I'm happy with this watch and happy with the price I paid. The dial is very visible in all types of light except pitch blackness unless the watch gets some light so the lume shows.

    I would have given this watch five stars but 4 stars for the mineral glass face, which I know I will inevitably scratch. Wish it coulld be sapphire but thats probably the only thing I don't like about this watch. The black plated stainless steel seems to be holding up well with a few weeks of wear.
    'Great quality' Review by Oliver Muller on 3/23/12
    Great watch, easy to read, day or night. Leather band helps keep the watch from rotating on wrist. Not too large or flashy, works great for sports and casual use as well. The quality is great
    'fantastic watch to buy' Review by Stuart Roux on 3/23/12
    I'm extremely satisfied with the Orient STi 2011. It has thus far been an extremely accurate time-piece and the hand movement is very precise. The watch is very easy to read and gets lots of compliments. It's definitely worth the money and it's a great investment. Looks like this watch will be with me for a very long time.
    'Stylish, accurate, and very useful for my hobby' Review by Christophe Leblanc on 3/23/12
    I'm glad Orient put a Tachymeter on this watch because it wouldn't make any sense if they didn't, like some brands with racer watches. Its so simple to use just google it. If you go on the track like I do, it is very useful. The STi model keeps great time and I have no problems with it. I do what I love and my watch supports my hobby.
    'Awesome chronograph' Review by Vincent Lee on 3/21/12
    As a watch collector I try to collect quality watches. People think the more you spend, the watch will be better. You got to do your research because there are brands out there that charge you a lot for something that may look expensive and they end up breaking. This is a timepiece you can trust and its really a great watch especially if you drive a Subaru Impreza STi.
    'I love my Subaru' Review by Andrew Llad on 3/16/12
    Dunno about anyone else, but I love my STI imprezza. This watch is awesome cause it reminds of my awesome car :)
    'Black on black!' Review by Derrell on 3/13/12
    Its all about the black on black. Watch looks good in person as it does in the pictures!
    'good buy' Review by Patek Patel on 3/13/12
    I don't drive the STi but I like the design and I also heard many good things about this watch from my cousin. I have a diverse collection of quality watches and this one definitely belongs there.
    'more color selection would be nice' Review by Phil on 3/13/12
    I llike this watch a lot but I wish there were more colors for it. Blue dial please!
    'How do I say goodbye' Review by Johnny on 3/13/12
    I had a Seiko that I wore for 3 years and now I must move on. I just bought this one, I had it for 2 weeks now and it a lot easier to not wear my Seiko anymore. I loved that watch but its time to move on. Its not you, Seiko, its me. I've moved on.
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