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    Model No. FDB08005W0

    Automatic Watch

    The FDB08005W0 aka DB08005W Series is a personal favorite of many Orient Watch fans. This semi skeleton uses a beautiful case and an elegant leather band. The large dial adds to the overall look and makes the watch feel slim on the wrist.
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    'a watch for the old man' Review by David G on 1/23/14
    My dad refuses to have a cell phone and his old watch broke. I wanted to give him a watch that was highly read-able so he won't be late whenever he comes over for dinner. He really likes the watch because it reminds him of watches when he was a kid since its not a battery watch, we don't have to worry about this one dying. Since the dial is rather large and the numbers are nice and dark against the white dial he can read it without putting on his glasses. Good gift for all the older dads and grandpas
    'Nice Dress Watch' Review by Vincent S on 11/22/12
    I bought this watch with the white dial and numbers to wear to work or as a dress watch. It's a very clean and classy design. I'm very happy with this watch. I have many compliments at work. The open heart design is a nice touch and I love watching the spring work.
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