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    Model No. SDJ00002W0

    Automatic Watch

    Orient Star Seeker GMT uses the latest Orient Mechanical technology to create a true GMT. This means as you travel, your watch will display two different time zones, so you are perpetually well informed. Some of its defining features 1. Excellent dial with utmost visibility - The excellent dial give slender impression, although their five-layer structure emphasizes steric depth. The indexes and hands are finished with extra care, to enhance visibility. Inward-rotation ring has been adopted for a functional display of three time zones. 2. Innovative and sturdy case- The lug slant has been formed dynamically, as if carved out round with a carving knife. The screwed-on winder guard lends sturdiness to the simple design. 3. Modern rotor design - A see-through case back panel that enables the movement to be seen on the rear of the case has been adopted. The rotor is also of elegant and modern design, very representative of ORIENT STAR. 4. Hand-winding, self-winding movement, and hacking movement.
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    'Excellent Value' Review by Rodrigo on 7/7/14
    This is my first Orient (I think there'll be more added to my collection) and I am absolutely pleased with the watch. It keeps really good time and keeps pace with my Rolex GMT II and Zenith El Primero watches. The black face is stunning however the white face looks a lot cleaner. To nit-pick the watch, I think the lume needs to be brighter and an option for the cyclops over the date. Other than that, it's a keeper.
    'Beautiful Watch ever seen' Review by Kisantha on 5/20/14
    I like this amazing watch, recomend to buy this watch 100% Satisfaction garantee.
    'I'll keep it short and simple' Review by Geoffrey Belanger on 4/12/12
    -Great look
    -feels great on wrist
    -definitely keeps great time
    -power reserve and sapphire crystal is a major plus
    -highly recommended because you get your moneys worth
    'Excellent watch for the money' Review by Jason C on 4/10/12
    A handsome wristwatch that will do well with a 3-piece suit or t-shirt and jeans. The white dial has a lot of depth due to the multi-layered construction and the faceted indices catch ambient light just enough to provide a little glimmer that varies with the viewing angle. The sword shaped hands are easy to see and match the dial well and the red GMT hand is instantly visible and contrasts nicely with the white dial. The power reserve meter is a nice touch and adds a bit of functional flair. I am especially pleased that the movement is of the hacking/handwinding type. I always love watching the power reserve hand move up as I wind the watch.
    I would have liked to see a small lume pip on the second hand for low light visibility just to verify that the watch is still running, but that is a very minor gripe on my part.
    If I could change two things about the watch it would be to bolster the sparse lume at the hourly indices (especially at 12, 3, 6, and 9) and add a screw down crown at the 2 o'clock position that handles the winding, date/time settings. Aside from those minor issues, I feel this is an outstanding timepiece for the money. Mine has been running consistently at about 6 seconds fast in a 24 hour period - pretty close to COSC standards and more than good enough for me.
    'Nice replacement for my Rolex' Review by Brian Toomey on 3/24/12
    A great looking watch keeping time as good
    as my Rolex. Star version has a power reserve indicator which is cool. Day Window
    could be a little larger or with a magnifier but
    it is ok. Bracelet finished very and looks like
    a quality watch.
    'MMmm Star (Wars) Seeker' Review by Yoda's master on 3/20/12
    Mmmm nice watch this is. Impressive red lightsaber like second hand it has. Consider I will, buying the other color with the dark side dial. 5 Star wars for the Star wars seeker.
    'My son wants me to pass this watch down already' Review by Rick Fulton on 3/20/12
    My son wants me to pass this watch down to him already.... He's 18 and I'm healthier than he is. I think he would have to wait at least twice his age to get this one. It's my favorite and I'll be holding on to this one for a long long time
    'Perfect watch with style' Review by Mason Riggs on 3/20/12
    I love the way this watch looks. I've had this watch for about 6 months now and I haven't had a problem yet. Time is never really off by much and it definitely meets my standards (and I'm a watch freak geek). This watch is the first of many Orient watches that I will be collecting.
    'Start with the best!' Review by Howard Acevedo on 3/20/12
    New to mechanical watches? This will get you started. It keeps time just as well as my Tag and it looks really classy.
    'great watch and fast shipping' Review by Albert Kipps on 3/19/12
    I ordered this watch on the Sunday and received this watch on Tuesday, so the shipping was fast. The watch is just as nice as they do in the pictures. The watch feels nice on the wrist. I am pleased with this watch.
    'Excellent watch!' Review by Zervin on 12/30/11
    This is my 3rd Orient watch and I must say this is by far the best one. The watch can be self-wind and it is very accurate. The GMT function is very useful especially for those who are frequently travelling.
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