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    Model No. SDT00002W0

    Automatic Watch

    Orient Watch's 60th Anniversary Limited Edition commemorates Orient Watch Co., Ltd.'s 60th Anniversary. Limited to an exclusive 3,000 pcs. (DT00001S : 1,500 pcs / DT00002W : 1,500 pcs) This 60th Anniversary memorial model is a classic-style, hand-wound wristwatch embodying our heritage and our technical achievement. Each model is individually serialized and made in Japan. The combination of domed dial, adorned with curves from center to edge, and box glass yields a watch with beautiful form, marked by a soft roundness. A feeling of elegance radiates from the antique simplicity of the case, the classic form of the crown, and the refinement of the tooled calfskin band. The dial and caseback bears the serial number and the cursive ORIENT logo, used in the 1950s, as well as the legend “60th Anniversary,” testifying that the watch is a 60th Anniversary Model.
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