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    Model No. FEM65009D9

    Automatic Watch

    Often seen as the best alternative to the popular Orient Mako, the Orient Ray is no lesser. Featuring the same qualities of the Mako (unidirectional bezel, day/date indicator, solid construction, 200m water resistance and in-house automatic movement), the Ray is just as much of a diver watch. Instead of Arabic numerals as seen in the Mako, the Ray features simpler indexes for easy reading. The Ray has also been lauded for its fantastic lumination on its indices; both for its brightness and longevity. **Appropriate for skin diving only!
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    'Love this watch' Review by jhanlon475 on 10/31/13
    This has become my go to daily wear watch. Looks great. Not a copy of anything else, but it looks important and wears well.
    'This is a truly a timepiece. ' Review by Neil on 10/9/13
    This is hands down one of my favorite watches that I own. It is a great value for the price especially if you can shop around. The design and build quality is top notch, it looks beautiful especially in the blue. It keeps time accurately and the day date function with the excellent lume and rotating bezel make this watch a very functional watch (for those of us who use it more than just jewelry).

    In house movement - great design - great function. This is a must have for any modern man, and i feel it will last a lifetime with proper care.
    'Well Done' Review by Ed Cox on 8/3/13
    Have to agree with everyone. An excellent, well made and accurate watch probably worth about twice what it sells for. Having its own movement is a plus in itself. The only negative is no hand-winding or hacking, but its easy to start by shaking. Also beautiful sunburst dial with a nice shade of blue---not too bright, but deep. Highly recommend.
    'Great value! ' Review by Jason Fitzgerald on 3/16/13
    Hi, I received my new orient blue ray dive watch on Wednesday of this week and I must say that the photos do not do this watch any justice what so ever. Absolutely gorgeous watch with an amazing stunning blue dial! Good build quality at a great price so far watch is keeping good time and I feel it's worth every penny! Thanks orient!
    'PERFECT' Review by STEVE on 10/22/12
    I just have new mako (ray) blue amazing dial.The bezel is very nice but i d like to be solid.Its my first Orient watch love it and worth the money.i recommend to enyone!
    'WORTH EACH PENNY!' Review by Ilya on 8/24/12
    Really the best looking Japanese diver watch. Design, style, color, movement, band, quality of work - all is top notch! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to spend the money effectively. Love it!
    'STUNNING WATCH!' Review by Patrick on 7/18/12
    Just received the Blue Ray yesterday, and as soon as I open the box, I was like .. O_O WOW..it's such a beautiful watch for little money! The quality is top notch! The blue dial is so amazing and pretty to look at from different angles. The watch size 41mm fits perfectly for my wrist, and the band is also a good quality one. The watch definitely looks and feels much more than its worth. I also love the day/date feature, so convenience and easy to read. The bezel is kinda hard to turn, but then I don't think I need to turn that often, so no big deal at all. This is my first Orient watch, and definitely won't be the last one!
    'Exquisite' Review by James on 6/9/12
    I purchased Orient Ray for my father, and it has been perfect in every way. He loves the attention to detail in appearance and the smooth movement. He brags to his buddies his watch " just won't break" - because of their (unreliable) Rolex fetish! So, Orient may have some new customers soon!
    'Beautiful' Review by Daniel on 3/23/12
    I just love my watch so much!! Incredible Quality and performance.Love the fact that it is an automatic watch. I will be buying more!!!
    'Cool dial' Review by Dave on 3/13/12
    For some reason, most of orients blue dials have that shimmer if you hold it in certain angles. I gotta admit it's pretty cool
    'Accurate!' Review by Kash on 1/3/12
    Pictures do not do it justice. It looks and feels much more expensive than what it is but what I have been most impressed with is its accuracy.
    Over the last two weeks, it has gained only 6 seconds over a 7 day week which is roughly a second a day.
    'Perfect' Review by Jay on 12/15/11
    First impression:
    I got this watch yesterday and the first impression was WOW this is a good quality timepiece. After ordering it I was bit doubtful about the quality after reading some of the snob on watch forums. Let me tell you this watch is so much more than what you pay for. I got the royal blue color which is stunning.

    Nice heft to the watch
    Good presence

    The stem seems little bit flimsy
    The rotating bezel is very difficult to grip

    Other thoughts:
    Would have paid extra for anti reflective sapphire crystal and solid bracelet (not that the current bracelet is bad)

    Note for Orient: Focus more on clean looking watches rather than open heart and crazy dials.
    'Big Bang for the Buck!' Review by Scott on 12/4/11
    It's nice to know in this day and age that you can still buy a good looking quality timepiece without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. I purchased the Blue Ray a few months back and I absolutely love it. The fit and finish of the watch and the band are high quality. When I wear it and wind it regularly, it keeps excellent time.If you want a classy looking watch and not a big hunk of bling that looks like a time travel machine, do yourself a favor and buy this watch.
    'AWSOME' Review by jeffrey filiault on 11/9/11
    I cannot say enough about this watch. I was looking to add to my collection when I remembered this brand from my time over seas in the early 80s. After a short search I ended up here. I saw the ray and had to have it .The pictures here do not due this watch justice. Absolutly stunning. Looks better than some of my swiss time pieces . How can you beat the price for a hand built custom in house movement . Well you cant at least you cant beat ORIENT. Don't hesitate to buy this one . It will spend more time on your wrist than in the collection .Heck I liked it so much I ordered 2 different watches and would have ordered 5 total if they went out of the other three I wanted .TOP KNOTCH JEFFREY
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