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    Model No. FER0200DW0

    Automatic Watch

    The Disk series features modern styling combined with a traditional automatic mechanical movement, Orient's true hallmark. A rotating disk in the center takes the place of standard watch hands. As time progresses, the color of the disk hand changes along with it. A truly unique timepiece, the Disk pushes the ideas of what a wristwatch can look like.
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    'Gift for the art lover!' Review by Francis on 1/31/14
    My cousin is a painter and is ALWAYS running late. I bought her this watch after she sold a painting to celebrate her accomplishment. She loves how the dial changes colors and says it's like a little piece of art on her wrist. It's a little big for a girl's wrist, but that's how they wear them now. I wear an orient and also have had great luck.

    I'll be buying one again
    'A Spectrum of Color!' Review by Craig S. on 3/21/13
    Orient thought "outside the box" in their design of the disk watch series and came up with something very unique! In this model, the colors of the spectrum are presented in counter-clockwise order as hour markers. Sir Isaac Newton would approve! On a cloudy, rainy day, just checking the time with this watch will make you feel better! This watch keeps very accurate time - about three seconds fast a day so far. This is a hard-to-find model, so you better get one while you can! Thanks, Orient!!!
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