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    Model No. FER24002W0

    Automatic Watch

    The Orient Bambino is a true reflection of the heritage and experience of the watch crafters at Orient Watch. Orient's hallmark, throughout 60 years of continuous watch making, is mechanical watch making and most well known for their classic styling. The Bambino embodies those tradtions in every detail. The dauphine hands and classic index markers stand out. The domed crystal and dial add to the retro look of this watch.
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    'gorgeous watch' Review by kurt on 2/7/13
    I debated over getting a Bambino for a long time - an attractive design, a little on the big side. Too big? Hm. Only one way to find out:

    Finally took the plunge and went with this rose gold model. I gotta say I was stunned when I got it -- they really did an unbelievable job on it, very beautiful. The photos truly do not do it justice -- for one there's the satin-y finish of the dial which isn't apparent in the reproductions. The super-teeny cursive type saying 'water resist' -- a retro touch, but downplayed just right. And everything is just so nicely balanced, nice design decisions everywhere. I mean, date windows on watches are pretty functional, this one looks beautiful.

    Is it a too big? well, it's a certain kind of thing -- more of a classic watch 'in quotes' than a classic watch. The extra size gives it a little sass. If you want something totally classic, this will be a little on the big side.

    But despite my slight perplexion at having a dress watch that's this big, i'm finding I'm wearing this watch a lot. I just can't stop looking at the damn thing. Really pretty, and has the air of another epoch.

    Oh yeah, and it keeps good time, the power reserve seems really long.
    'not just for the boys' Review by Sandy on 11/6/12
    Who says the watch is just for men?

    The watch isn't too big, and I've always wanted a rose gold watch. Didn't want to buy it from michael kors (for 2x the price), so I decided on this orient. While my wrist might not be big, I was able to find a smaller strap, and it is great. Most women's watches are 35mm-40mm anyway. Not too heavy at all, and it does the job well.

    Thanks Orient!
    'Got it for my dad' Review by andy on 11/6/12
    Got back from a trip with my parents and I gave this to my dad because it was in my price range and it was mechanical. I found this brand on dappered.com a few months back, and they had a discount code so I tried it. WOW - great watch. If I get a bonus this year, this is probably going to be mine. Maybe the steel with white dial for me.
    'good but could be better' Review by harold on 11/6/12
    This is an awesome watch - don't get me wrong - but the they should have color coordinated the caseback. it's a small detail that most people won't care about. excellent otherwise
    'Trusty Office Watch' Review by Vernon on 11/6/12
    I wear this watch to work everyday and it hasn't skipped a beat in months. If you take into account what I paid for the watch, it'd blow you away. The quality trumps the price, and I will be buying another Orient very soon.
    'Dark leather band works with everything' Review by Kevin on 11/6/12
    this watch works with almost everything in my closet. Rose gold is in and people get it. don't trust that video or the pictures, it's a lot better in person.
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