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    Model No. FER2400CN0

    Automatic Watch

    With a domed crystal that helped define the popular Bambino series, the newest Bambino is refreshed with a new look that is worthy of the popular achieved by its predecessors. The ER2400CN sports a cream dial with stainless steel accents; a combination not seen in the earlier Bambinos. Secondly, a great distinction between the current model and the previous model is the usage of Roman numeral hour markers. This provides a more classic look to the piece. Here, the numerals are displayed in an even number sequence (2, 4, 6 etc.) as opposed to the traditional three, six, nine, twelve sequence. Each off number is denoted with a bar. If you’re wondering why ‘IIII’ was used instead of ‘IV’ for the number four, it all has to do with creating symmetry on the dial. The blue colored hands are slimmer and more flat than the dauphine hands on the original Bambino. The thin hands are reminiscent of classic watches from the past. Also noticeably different is the outer chapter ring which looks like a track that runs around the dial. The markers not only denote the seconds, but really give the ER2400CN a vintage feel.
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    'Amazing Value. True Vintage Look!' Review by Ron on 8/27/14
    Incredible value. The dial numerals and color scream vintage! I love it. The orient movements are more accurate than some swiss movements I've owned! I love orient. This is the 6th I've owned and will continue to grow my collection.
    'No regrets so far' Review by Sam on 8/22/14
    It's been running very accurately ever since I got it in the mail. My friends thought it was a very expensive watch and still do because I didn't reveal how much I actually paid!
    'Superb Vintage Style' Review by MB on 8/1/14
    I've wanted this version of the Bambino for some time, so I was very pleased to see it restocked recently. The watch exudes quality - the thin case has a nice brushed finish on the sides, the domed crystal is classic and the dial design and attention to detail is excellent. A tremendous value.
    'Another WOW! Watch from ORIENT!' Review by David Franklin on 7/31/14
    This is my 5th ORIENT Watch and 2nd Bambino! Seeing this model on Orient's website is a pale comparison to when it is on your wrist. It is an absolutely magnificent, stunning & a gorgeous example of superior craftsmanship from Orient watchmakers.

    Equally important is the fact that the the 48743 movement in my Symphony and Bambino models keeps time more accurately than the fine Swiss watches in my collection. Wow!
    'Classic' Review by RSQ on 12/27/13
    The pictures of this watch do not do it justice. I received this watch as a gift and it is so much more beautiful in person than in the pictures. The classic and refined style is understated yet very strongly present. If you are looking for a professional watch that is classic and not over the top this is your watch.
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