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    Model No. FEV0S004B0

    Automatic Watch

    The Orient Union is the perfect blend of sophistication and modernity. It's the perfect watch to wear to the work and on the weekend. The dial is beautifully decorated with a guilloche-styled finish, and the bar indexes make the watch very legible. The polished stainless steel case adds to the elegant look and is sure to garner compliments all around.
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    'Simple luxurious' Review by hendro on 6/26/12
    imagine the watch being on the hand is imaging the luxurious men whose wear it. especially the presidential style that most luxury watch has from time to time
    'Classy and very affordable' Review by Bill Irving on 4/10/12
    Its just a simple, classy, watch that wont hurt your wallet. Fantastic watch
    'Better than a $1600 Raymond Weill' Review by Joel on 3/22/12
    I love the look of the full day in one window and the date in a lower window. It's easy to read and looks very elegant. There's a similar Raymond Weill Freelancer automatic model for $1600. My Orient Union automatic keeps perfect time, has the same great looks, and cost $1400 less! I'm VERY pleased with my choice.
    'Fun summer!' Review by Samuel on 3/13/12
    Many times I look at this watch and I say damn. I wanna be joining others who own this watch! But just owning the watch is not enough! We should have Orient watch week!
    'Good watch' Review by Kyo on 3/13/12
    -easy to read time,day and date
    -simple design, detailed dial
    -keeps great time
    'Love it' Review by Ines on 3/13/12
    I purchased this watch for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift and he loves it! I called in for some recommendations and they were kind enough to help me choose a watch. The watch wasn't too pricey but even if it was he deserves it. He thinks he's the king of the world. I think my boyfriend looks at this watch the same way he looks at me.
    'Gimme gimme' Review by Jon on 3/13/12
    Wore this watch to my friends wedding and my friend (the groom) loved the watch so much I gave it to him... and then I went home and bought myself this one. I didn't mind giving it away because it was his wedding day and he really liked it, also because I kinda like the black on black better. Dont want to hype it up too much for you guys so I give it 4 stars =)
    'excellent time piece' Review by William on 3/13/12
    I was very impressed with the design and quality for what its priced at. I am a watch collector and I own a Tag Heuer Carrera and I am just as pleased with this watch as I am with my Tag. This watch keeps accurate time and I have no problems with it.
    'Affordable' Review by Byron on 3/13/12
    I was browsing the web for a nice watch and I thought about buying a watch with a clean look but some of the brands out there look similar but charge a few hundred more just for their brand stamp. I somehow came across an article and heard a few good things about them. So I gave them a shot and now I am very happy that I did't have to spend $200 more just to get an expensive logo on the watch. At least I know Orient has reliable watches and the price is right
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