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    Model No. FEV0S005W0

    Automatic Watch

    The Orient Union is the perfect blend of sophistication and modernity. It's the perfect watch to wear to the work and on the weekend. The dial is beautifully decorated with a guilloche-styled finish, and the bar indexes make the watch very legible. The polished stainless steel case adds to the elegant look and is sure to garner compliments all around.
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    'Mascagni' Review by Luigi on 12/26/12
    I collect watches and this is my first Orient. The dial is among my very favorites as I have a fondness for very white dials. I've had it for a week, and have worn it every day.

    The dial is truly beautiful. It has a clean, classic style. The watch is just the right size. I have a very large wrist and it looks just fine on my wrist.

    I suppose I'm just lucky, but it's gained only three seconds in total during the past seven days. I hope this rate of accuracy continues, but I would be satisfied with 10 seconds a day.

    Power reserve is very good, as I typically don't move around that much and I have not had to give the watch any extra "shaking," and I normally wear it about 14 hours a day.

    Will definitely buy more Orient watches.
    'Very impressed with this purchase.' Review by Jason Shen on 8/3/12
    I Have had it for about a week, it is working great and an absolutely beautiful time piece.
    'good' Review by SEPTIMUS on 6/17/12
    i have bought it just a few hours ago. it looks good
    'Crisp and Classic' Review by Marcus M on 3/27/12
    I've had this watch for a month and love it. I wear it just about everyday and love the crisp white face with the cream colored hands. It's gives you a little pop of class when wearing jeans and a casual shirt but it's brilliant enough to wear with a nice grey suit.

    Look at the pictures, look at the price point and then buy it. You won't regret it.

    Big fan of Orient watches. If you're worried about being late by ten seconds everyday, it's time to find a less stressful job.
    'sleek design with impressive time keeping' Review by Issac Foley on 3/22/12
    Its got the smooth and sleek look which makes this a handsome watch. I was told that the Japanese movement is almost as good as the Swiss, but comparing my 'Union' with my 'TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500m' there isn't much of a difference. My Tag is about 4-5 seconds fast everday and my Orient is about 10 seconds off per day. They're only 5 seconds apart! Now I can save hundreds on the watch I need/want.
    'ACCURACY' Review by Aaron Smith on 3/21/12
    Sometimes people complain of poor accuracy. Typically, when new, automatic movements will be set to run fast at the factory because they tend to slow down after a few weeks of use. I own three Orient watches with an automatic movement and after their breaking in period all are now keeping time to within 10 seconds per day.
    I have a few thoughts on accuracy. You have to ask yourself how accurate does your watch need to be? If it is running 10 or 20 seconds fast per day then set it one minute slow and you will only need to re-set it once every week or two when it has advanced to one minute fast. If you need more accuracy then, unless you are willing to pay at least five times as much for a swiss watch, then buy a quartz. Orient Mako has good time accuracy, especially for the price you pay.
    'Mighty fine watch' Review by Jeff Doyle on 3/20/12
    This watch is well made and I wear it so much I feel weird naked without it. I'm glad I found a watch that is very affordable and it doesn't look complicated at all.
    'Classic watch' Review by Roy Pittman on 3/20/12
    My wife bought me this watch for our 20th anniversary. It keeps good time and looks classy. It is a very good watch.
    'sleek' Review by Brenden on 3/13/12
    You gotta love a sleek watch!
    'Sleek and comfortable' Review by Bryan on 3/1/12
    Been wearing this watch (white version) for a few weeks and I love it. It is an eye catcher, even though it is small, especially with the nice textured pattern to the dial.

    I am very impressed with the build quality and the overall watch for the money. Will definitely consider Orient again when I add another to my collection.
    'Good Finish' Review by Stefany on 2/11/12
    The finish provides it with a one of a kind look.
    'Great All Around Watch' Review by Andrew on 11/18/11
    I own many Orient Watches and this is one of my favorites. It's probably one of the most versatile. You can wear it with jeans or a suit and it just blends with everything. The face is very easy to read, the size feels very comfortable for my large wrist without being trendy. The leather band is surprisingly of very good quality, and did not require replacement to fit, due the tremendous range of fitting.

    I like having the day of the week on the top in an easy to read format, having the day of the month on the bottom truly adds a very classy feel, of watches in the thousands. Accuracy appears to be very good for an automatic, I generally only wear my watches for a week, then switch them out, but this one will definitely get more wear time then most.

    The face is called white, but it's a beautiful raised subtle pattern of dots, I'd call it more a pearl white or champagne. For the money you can't go wrong with any orient, but this one is a great winner to add to any collection.
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