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    Model No. FFD0F001W0

    Automatic Watch

    Orient is best known for their classic watches. Model FFD0F001W0 aka FD0F001W prides itself on the noble dial design which screams sophistication and elegance, while maintaining a very classic handsome look. The watch uses an automatic mechanical ORIENT caliber 46N45. Not to mention, this model uses Sapphire Crystal.
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    'Accurate Watch and look very dressy ' Review by Quang on 7/31/14
    I am so suprised with the accuracy of this watch. It look so dressy and fit totally with my wrist. But the steel bracelet is not very good.
    I'm so happy with this watch.
    Highly Recommend! :)
    'Excellent watch' Review by Emerentino Quadro on 1/13/14
    Very precise time machine (less than 1s per day, excellent performance for a automatic watch), beatiful, the sapphire visor is really resistant (after 1 year, there is no any kind of damage) and the power reserve indicator is precise, reliable and useful.
    'Great dress watch!!' Review by Paul Sullivan on 9/12/12
    I am a huge Orient fan and now have 24 of them. Before Orient went through the big name change of their models this was called the SENATOR. It's one of my favorites! Sapphire crystal, display back and a good quality bracelet. It keeps as good or better than any of my WAY more expensive Swiss watches. I was very lucky to buy this when Orient USA was offering it a a 50% discount from MSRP and a a 30% discount it still gives much more value for money over any entry level Swiss watch. Orient knows how to make fantastic accurate automatic movements in very high quality cases. And in the this watch the stainless steel band is very good also! Not the best but still VERY good. The watch powers up in a very short time too. Just a minute of of rocking the watch you can get it going. Although you can't hack the watch, for those of you who are anal (like me) for accurate time you can just get it going and back off on the crown to stop the watch and set it to the second. Even if your a bit sedentary the reserve indicator will go to a full 40 hour chrge in about 6 hours, leaving plenty of reserve to run it through the night if you take it off. Mine was always accurate to less than 3 seconds per day over a 14 day test period, well below the Swiss COSC standard of 5 sec. per day and as good if not better than my Swiss watches with the ETA 2824-2 movement costing much more. I also think that having a power reserve indicator is one of the best selling points of Orient watches. Take a look at any Swiss models with the same complication and you will spend have to spend over $1000. I also love the design of the watch. There are no over ornate numerals, just highly polished SS indicators from one o'clock to 11 o'clock with a 2 at twelve o'clock, giving the face an elegant simple look with the date at three. I give this watch 5 stars for value and quality. For those of us that have a limited budget Orient is the watch to buy.
    'Superb value, very good quality, elegant yet masculine' Review by Stephen Doyle on 2/14/12
    I wanted an everyday gentleman's automatic watch, good value, sapphire crystal, ss band, classic looks. Philosophy: perfection is when there is nothing left to take away. (i.e. minimalist).

    Pros: Watch has a solid feel, a bit heavier than a quartz. I'm 6' 2" (188cm) tall, and watch doesn't look like a wall clock on me. Blue rapier-like hands are elegant and easy to read. Watch runs 7-8 sec fast per day - not Swiss accuracy, but OK. Has date but not day of week. Watch self-charges to 40 hrs easily with normal hand movement. Continuous sweep of second hand an elegant metaphor for the relentless passage of time. No batteries to change. Sapphire crystal for a ludicrous price. Excellent packaging.

    Cons: Power reserve indicator detracts somewhat from elegant and simple look, especially big ss arc. Power reserve hand shape incongruent with other elegant hands. Power reserve works fine (i.e. loses 8 hrs of power every night for my 8 hours of sleep), but since the watch fully self-charges every day, it is unnecessary. Also, second hand doesn't freeze for time setting. I've always set my watch by the US Naval Observatory atomic clock, but I can be up to 30 sec off with time sets. (Not a huge drawback, mind you.)

    Other: Some glare from sapphire crystal. All four hands are blue, but change from dark midnight blue to gorgeous iridescent purplish-blue depending upon viewing angle. Stunning value with "Modern50" price code for online purchase. White face can look more like silver.

    Bottom Line: Highly recommended. 4 Stars is a conservative rating based on 5 being the "perfect" watch.
    'Excellent watch, great value' Review by Lan Nguyen on 2/10/12
    It is a great watch indeed. The blue hands on the white dial is exceptionally handsome. This watch, in my opinion, is far more worth than the price. Get it when you can. The accuracy is great but not really in the league of Swiss Chronometer. However, I did not regret a bit to get this watch. I love this watch the second I opened the box.
    'Incredible Watch Value' Review by Louis Trotta on 1/11/12
    A classic look with incredible accuracy. All for a
    great price. This watch does double duty as a fine upscale dress watch or casual around town daily. I have had more people ask me about this Orient than the 6 thousand dollar watch I own and they can not believe the cost.
    The craftsmanship and attention to detail make Orient watch company the number 1 value in watches in the world in my opinion.
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