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    Model No. FFM00002B0

    Automatic Watch

    The FFM00002B0 provides sharp color gradations that amplify their counterpart on the inner bezel. This Orient Automatic watch comes with a silver bracelet and black face, which counteracts the different aesthetic tones, making this a deceptively simple design.
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    'Amazing' Review by Bill Friggle on 1/6/13
    I had been wanting the Orient CFMOOOO3B for what seemed like a long time. I finally had the money to get it and put some more serious thought into it. I decided to go with this model with the metal band. I love it. It is beautiful. When I got it I sized the band, set the time and put it on. I have only taken it off when I wah my hands. My 3 other Orients have been sitting in the drawer. And the most amazing part is I have not had to adjust the time yet. And it has been three months. I know it is hard to believe, and many won't, but it is true. This watch is amazing. My other Orient watches are very accurate, but nothing like this one. I highly recommend this watch. I am not saying yours will be this accurate, but Orients are known for great accuracy. You will be pleased with it.
    'Amazing quality and value' Review by Amir on 5/19/11
    I gave this watch to my brother as a gift, and it was the perfect choice. He was just starting to get into watches, and I figured it made sense to give him one with history--even though Orient just came to the US (finally!), they have a 50-year tradition of making automatic watches.

    Originally, I considered giving him the Orient Men's Blue and Red Bezel Automatic Dive Watch #CEM65006D since it is a classic design and I thought he would like the punch of color, but when I saw this orange semi-skeleton, I knew I had to upgrade him. Not only is the back clear so you can see the actual innerworkings of the movement, it also has Orient's trademark Power Reserve Indicator--because the watch doesn't need batteries and is powered my the movement of your arm, this lets you know how much power is left when you take it off. I couldn't believe the value.

    (I did consider the Orient Men's Power Reserve Semi-Skeleton Blue Automatic Watch #CFM00005D but he's more of a metal-band guy.)

    I was also especially glad to see that this watch was being offered directly by Amazon. With Orient still being so new to the States, there are limited vendors who are actually licensed to sell the product. Amazon.com is one, but according to Orient USA's website, even some of the other retailers on Amazon are not. I definitely wanted to make sure that I was getting the warranty!

    My brother is not gentle with his things, so I am happy to see that this watch still ticking away. Even though the brand is loved by watch aficionados, it is still strong enough for an active 21-year-old guy. Great buy!
    'very nice watch!' Review by Stephen Garcia on 5/19/11
    i had never heard of the brand Orient before, so i was a little skeptical about the purchase. i did some research and couldn't find any bad reviews on any Orient product, so i decided to pull the trigger.

    im glad i did. the watch is BEAUTIFUL! i love the look and feel of the bracelet, very quiet and feels of high quality. it has a nice big face and the power indicator is GREAT! this is my first Orient automatic watch and this probably won't be my last.

    i own 5 other watches and i've gotten more compliments on this one in the three weeks i've owned it than the other 5 watches combined.

    if you're on the fence about ordering this watch, don't be. it is a great buy and amazon has it at a great price.
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