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    Model No. FFM00004W0

    Automatic Watch

    The FFM00004W0 allows style and functionality to work in unison, producing a sleekly operating watch. This Orient Automatic Watch has an active yet lean face and is geared for efficiency and fashion.
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    'Excelent' Review by Criss Donovan on 6/2/14
    I have it for 3 years now... is a little bit scratched but super precise, it's going fast maybe 1 minute a month, and 'hard working' with hammers, axes, heavy duty. Pleased and happy to have it. I surely buy a fresh one to have it for suite. Thinking to ffm00004wo.
    'classy and sporty' Review by Steven S on 1/23/14
    I have a thing for white dials, I just think they look so nice and clean! I also really like how symmetrical it is. This watch feels like something I could wear on a yacht or something, kinda classy yet sporty.
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