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    Model No. UT0E002W

    Quartz Watch

    The Cybele holds true to the name it bears. Named after the Goddess of Mountain, Lions, and Hawks, this timepiece carries with it an air of freedom and grace. A timepiece perfect for the nights out as well everyday wear. The Cybele displays day, date and comes with a handy 24 hour indicator, which is useful when traveling around the world.
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    'I LOVE MY CYBELE!!' Review by leslie c on 2/12/14
    I received this as a early valentines gift from my bf and it is now my FAVORITE watch. I love how the watch is not heavy when I wear it & I love how this can match with anything that I wear.

    Definitely recommend this watch.
    'Gorgeous watch' Review by Hayley Sims on 3/20/12
    Oh my Gooooood. I just received this watch and it's drop dead gorgeous. I love this watch.
    'beau-ti-ful' Review by Brenda Song on 3/20/12
    I can't take it off! I'm so in love with it!
    It's a really beautiful watch. It's not too big and is very light.
    'pretty watch' Review by Roxanna Felkin on 3/19/12
    I got this from my boy friend during v day. It's awesome and I wear it to work everyday. I never had a watch before this, so now I understand what the fuss is all about.

    I recommend this because even though it's gold, it works with everything. I have dark skin, and the watch really pops.
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  • UT0E002W