Men’s Fashion: Influence for the Modern Woman

Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a woman with power. Imagine a woman sporting a Jil Sander pant suit, commanding attention with her 5 inch heels. And the watch she’s wearing? It’s big, it’s bodacious, and it screams “I am woman, hear me roar!”

Women's - Aquas

The rise of androgynous women is here and it’s plentiful, so embrace its allure. Whether it’s business professional or tomboy sheik, women wearing fashions normally accustomed to men is not only appealing, it’s paving the way for supreme equality to flourish in the workplace and wardrobe.

Women's - Contempo

More than often, in bigger cities, we have seen a trend of women wearing more edgy, masculine style watches. This trend has been going on since the 80’s, but now more than ever, women are dressing the man’s part. From bow-ties and slacks to flannels and high-tops, women continue to make a statement with their androgynous ensembles.

Orient has a number of men’s and women’s watches that will satiate your need for a bolder, more masculine style watch.

Men's - Orient Galant

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